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2015 GRREAT Calendar Contest Announcement

The contest has ended. Thanks to all who participated.




Get your camera out … the 2015 GRREAT calendar photo contest is here!!

Treat your Golden to a day at the spa, for a glamor shot. Toss him a Frisbee in the park, to highlight his playful side. Snap him snoozing on the couch, jumping into the pool; or rolling around in the mud. Then send in your photos to the calendar contest. We want to see them all: well coiffured, messy, muddy, or wet.

Last years’ major redesign – in particular the introduction of the “mugshots” and guaranteed acceptance features – received rave reviews, so we plan to continue offering these options once again this year.

In past years we had dozens of GRREAT Goldens disappointed that their photos did not make the cut. No longer! You will once again be able to guarantee a spot for your GRREAT Golden in the 2015 calendar.  There will be three different ways of getting your Golden into the calendar:

  • Judge’s Choice
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Mugshot

Judge’s Choice: Our calendar committee will select from submitted photographs. A minimum of 6 calendar pages will come from this category. There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. In fact, submitting multiple photos will increase the chances of your Golden being selected. There is a $10 fee for each photo submitted in this category. Those selected for publication will receive one free calendar, a $15 value.

Guaranteed Acceptance: While we welcome submissions in the Judge’s Choice category, those of you who would like to bypass the calendar committee’s scrutiny may submit photos in the Guaranteed Acceptance category. As the name suggests, submission to this category guarantees publication subject only to meeting contest rules and quality guidelines. Six calendar pages and the front and back covers will be dedicated to the Guaranteed Acceptance category. If you would like your Guaranteed Acceptance photo to appear in a specific month, please let us know and we will try and accommodate you to the extent possible.

The entry fee for guaranteed acceptance submissions is $200. The fee to feature your Golden on the coveted front or back covers is $250. Cover photos must prominently feature your Golden. Wherever possible, we will try and accommodate your entry in the month of your choice. Those selected for publication in the guaranteed acceptance category will receive five free calendars, a $75 value.

If we receive more guaranteed acceptance calendar page submissions than we can use, we will refund the amount paid. If we receive more cover page submissions than we can use, we will offer an alternative page if available, or refund the amount paid.

Mugshot: Once again this year, by popular demand, we will be accepting “mugshot” entries to fill the empty squares at the beginning and end of the month. Mugshot entries are ideally suited for close-up photos or cropped head-and-shoulders photos.  Mugshot entries are also guaranteed to be selected, subject to meeting contest rules and quality guidelines. There is no limit to the number calendar2015of mugshot entries you may submit. The fee for a Mugshot submission is only $25, and includes one free calendar.

Contest rules: These are essentially the same as last year. Pictures must be in landscape format, and may not contain any human subjects. They must, however, include at least one GRREAT Golden. You must own the copyright of the photograph(s) you submit, or obtain written permission from the copyright holder. Prior year winners are not excluded. You may submit photos of 2014 winners in any category. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. No dog can be featured more than once in the combined Judge’s Choice and Guaranteed Acceptance categories. There is no restriction to the number of times your dog is featured in the “mugshot” category.

GRREAT reserves the right to modify or clarify any of the contest rules during the term of the contest without advance notice, and to crop or enhance photographs if necessary.

Quality criteria: Bright, in-focus pictures with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. (Cameras with less than 8 megapixels, older smartphone cameras, and digitally enhanced files, will generally NOT meet the quality criteria.) The calendar committee will have final say in determining if the quality criteria have been met.


  • The entry fee must be paid via PayPal   (GET THERE BY CLICKING HERE or use the form below)
  • Please forward your PayPal receipt along with your photo(s) to GRREATcalendar@hotmail.com
  • The subject line of your email must contain the word CHOICE, GUARANTEED or MUGSHOT (only one category per message) and your dog’s name and GRREAT ID number (example: Guaranteed. Rover 14-345)
  • The text of your email must contain your name and a contact telephone number, your dog’s age, and a short blurb about the photo or about the dog. This text will accompany the photo in the calendar.
  • Your entry must be received no later than Sunday, August 31.

Thank you for your participation, and good luck. Thanks also for your ongoing support of GRREAT.

GRREAT Calendar Contest Submission Form

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