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GRREAT 2021 3k Virtual Walk


How does it work? Everything these days is virtual, so you are probably familiar with the concept. The walking is real – it’s the community that’s virtual. Instead of being surrounded by dozens of over-excited, panting, drooling, butt-sniffing goldens, you can do a one-on-one walk with your own, well-behaved, immaculately groomed golden. Miss the camaraderie? Get together with a few neighbors and their dogs. Don’t like your neighbors? Try your friends from the dog park. Sign yourself up, and sign up your friends and neighbors. We have room for everyone.

Do I need a computer for this “virtual” stuff? Nope! Just a good pair of walking shoes.

Do I need to be a GRREAT member or own a GRREAT dog? No. Everyone is welcome.

Do I need a Golden? Nope. You can walk with any breed of dog you have. If you don’t have a dog, sign up a neighbor with a dog, and walk with them. Or, you can simply walk by yourself!

Are there t-shirts? Absolutely. Everyone who registers gets a FREE t-shirt. You can also purchase additional t-shirts if you want more.

When is the walk? You decide. You can do your walk any time on the weekend of November 7 and 8. Like to sleep in on Saturday? Do it on Sunday. Singing in the church choir on Sunday? Walk on Saturday.

What if I can’t do it that weekend? Going away for the weekend? Walk on any other day that week. We won’t tell. When you register you will receive a free walk t-shirt. As long as you are wearing your t-shirt, it counts!

How do you know I really did a 3k? Frankly, we don’t! But we trust you. If you like, share photos of your experience, and we will post them on our website. Send us a link to your social media posts, and we will share those as well.

Is there any swag? Share your “My GRREAT 3k Virtual Walk” story and we will send you a FREE 2021 GRREAT calendar. (First 25 emails, 500 words or less, sent to grreatmedia@hotmail.com)

Well, what are you waiting for?          It’s great fun, and a great cause.          Sign up below.



Please Note: We have already placed our t-shirt order. You may still sign up for the walk, but we can no longer guarantee availability of a shirt in your size.