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Available Dogs arrow BAILEY (22-001)

BAILEY (22-001) is a tall 3 year old boy who weighs about 84 pounds. Bailey is looking for lots of affection and attention from his people; he enjoys getting pets, having his ears and belly rubbed and when you stop he will give you a nose nudge to request more. He is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs, but cats are an unknown. He will do well with a dog savvy family with regular routines and where the rules of the house are clear: no counter surfing or barging out the door. He responds to the “leave it” command but it would be best to keep countertops clear so as not to tempt “Bailey the bandit”. He has been working on “drop” and looks forward to a trade for a nice treat. It may take some time and patience, but he eventually drops the item and gently takes his treat. Bailey would enjoy having a canine sibling and people who are around much of the time. He plays tug with his canine friends and will even let another dog take a toy out of his mouth. Bailey is fully house trained and knows several commands; sit, down, wait, drop it, come and here. He is slowly improving on leash walking though he still pulls a bit. He enjoys riding in the car and is a good passenger.  His favorite toy is his big soft jolly ball and he likes to carry it around in his mouth. Bailey is a healthy boy and receives a daily joint supplement. He requires a fenced yard and he is learning to sit and wait before we go out. Bailey enjoys sitting on the sofa but does not go up on the bed. Due to his size, only families with older children will be considered. Bandit Bailey is a true love bug and a great companion. He will be happy to reward you with lots of affection for all your care and attention.