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BAXTER (20-011) is a 2 yr old red-gold boy all the way from China. He has a beautiful coat and handsome face and is slightly small at 55lbs. When he arrived, he was very anxious and it took some time for him to settle down. He knew absolutely no commands, was hesitant to make friends with his 4-legged foster siblings, and he barked…a lot. Since those first few days he is really coming into his true personality. His confidence and joie de vivre are amazing. He LOVES to retrieve his tennis ball over and over and has learned to sit for treats. He is also fully convinced that he is a lap dog, no question. He is happiest laying on the couch with his human soaking up all the love. He’s 90% housebroken and has only had one accident when we weren’t paying attention, totally our fault. He is

crate-trained and happily stays there whenever he can’t be with his people. He’s still working on not barking when excited and learning not to step on everyone around him – he’s like a teenager not knowing where all his body parts are at any given time. Baxter is working on leash walking. He doesn’t pull very much but he also has no concept of straight lines so it’s a work in progress. He has a fairly strong prey drive and will chase squirrels, birds and other fast moving objects. He also loves to run for fun, nose to the ground as he follows all the interesting smells, so we’ll be looking for a home with a safely fenced yard. He still gets anxious around small, noisy people so his new family should not have kids under 14. He hasn’t been with us very long but we can already tell what a smart, funny, loving personality he has. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come in such a short time, and we can’t wait to see how far he will go!