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BECKET (20-029) is a 1 1/2  year-old pint sized lab with an honorary golden title. He’s fully grown at about 45 pounds and came to us by way of China. His start in life was not great. In fact he came to us with an injured back leg and reduced muscle mass due to poor nutrition, but with medication and rehab he is overcoming these initial setbacks and is making up for lost time! Becket fully appreciates the luxuries of home and family life. He is well behaved in the house- chewing only on his toys and bones and leaving trash cans and counters alone. With vigilance, consistency and scheduled potty breaks he has nearly mastered house training. Becket is still a little shy with new people but he warms up quickly.  Like most goldens, he wants to be where you are, following from room to room “Velcro” style. Becket LOVES other dogs and would do best in a home with a canine brother or sister who is eager to play and model good behavior.  He loves nothing more than

to wrestle and run with other dogs or chase his ball.  Becket has the cutest full body wiggle when he knows he gets to go somewhere.  He’s good in the car, settling in well for car rides to the dog park.  He is learning to relax on a walk but requires an easy walk harness to make it enjoyable.  He does best releasing some of his excited energy in play or fetch before settling into a calm walk.  For these reasons, he would love a fenced in yard where he can fetch – his absolute favorite thing! Finally, Becket has what we describe as a very “soft” personality. He is so eager for kindness and wants to have fun, but is very sensitive to loud noises (even in praise) and any time that he doesn’t understand what is being asked of him. Because of this, and because we don’t know his background, we’re looking for a calm and patient adult-only, or older-kid, family. This little guy is making great progress but still has a way to go to realize his full potential as a happy, confident Forever Dog. He is ready to find a loving family that can help him get there.