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BIG MAC (20-009) is an active, exuberantly happy eight month old boy. Mac is very much a puppy; still learning his manners and making up for lost time in training. He currently goes to doggy day care several days a week to socialize and aid in draining his puppy energy so we can continue to work on his training. Mac walks nicely on a leash and enjoys walks in the neighborhood or hikes on the trails. Because Mac doesn’t know how big he is (currently almost 80lbs) and is still quite mouthy, a home with children under 14 is not advised. He would do best in a home with a fenced backyard in which he can run and play, and with an active family committed to continuing his training. He loves playing with other dogs but can be too much for them, so canine siblings will need to be tolerant of puppy behavior. When not supervised, Mac still needs to be contained in a puppy proofed area such as a kitchen or pen. Mac is a work in progress and looking for the perfect home to help him become the best golden he can be.