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Buddy20 012 1aBUDDY (20-012) is a 2 year old medium energy, Velcro golden boy who likes to follow his family from room to room. He’s a good listener when calm and has a kind disposition. He’s a lot of fun and likes to show that he knows sit, stay, wait, come, and roll over. When not supervised, Buddy may attempt to get into trash cans and onto counters, so keeping these areas clear or off limits is important. He would do best in a home where he gets lots of interaction with walks and mid-day breaks, as well as playtime in a safely fenced backyard.

In the house as an only dog, Buddy is a sweet and friendly guy. Outside he can be highly reactive to cats and to some Buddy20 012 2adogs, and may bark and lunge towards them. His leash manners are improving with consistent direction, but working with a trainer to help his socialization skills will be a condition of his adoption. It’s unknown how he is with children but, while he’s working on his listening and attention skills when other animals are around, it would be best if any kids in the home are older. Other than those areas he’s working on, Buddy is a delightful dog. He will stay off furniture if directed and sleep on his own bed, although he’s certainly happy to snuggle up on the bed or couch too if permitted.