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BUDDY (21-022) is a wonderfully active 4 yr old Golden with a reddish coat. He loves to play ball and chase with his Golden foster sisters but has little interest in the cats. Buddy puts the Velcro in the term “Velcro Golden”; he’s always close and sometimes under foot. While he loves chasing around the fenced yard, he isn’t interested in the in-ground pool. Buddy does great in the car, either laying down or looking out the window. Buddy likes to be comfortable and is allowed on the furniture, but will get down when asked. He is still working on knowing what he’s allowed to chew and what he’s not, so he needs to be crated when his family is out. He doesn’t mind and goes into his crate easily, and he does fine for the 4 or so

hours that we leave him. Buddy pulls when on leash and will need consistent guidance and practice to be a good leash walker. He really enjoys his meals and has a very gentle mouth when taking treats. Buddy is a very tall golden and tends to counter surf, so his new home will need to keep their counters clean while they work on his house manners. In his new home, Buddy needs a fenced yard and would love an active canine sibling to play with. Since he still needs to be crated, he’ll need a family that is home more often or where someone can give him a mid-day break.