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CHAUNCEY (24-017) is a 1.5-year-old, 81 lb boy with the happiest smile and sweetest personality. He loves spending time outdoors with his foster family, playing with the kids and lounging in the shade in between rounds of fetch. A fenced in yard would be ideal for him so he can continue to run and play freely. He walks nicely on the leash and is always happy to greet new admirers along the way. Because he gets lots of exercise and interactions with us, Chauncey is very well mannered and is fully housebroken; he does not counter surf, chew things that aren’t his, or get on the furniture. He can sit, shake, lay, and comes when you call him. Occasionally when he gets excited, he can be a little mouthy, but we are working on that and he is getting much better. Chauncey likes to go in the car and will ride quietly.

He is used to having someone home with him all day, so he is very rarely crated. He does go willingly into his crate when needed but he does bark once he’s in there; the only time he barks. Chauncey would prefer to be the only dog of the household, cats are unknown. Without question, he is happiest when he is with ‘his people’; he follows them from room to room and loves cuddling, belly rubs, being pet, and then nudging you for more pets. Chauncey will make a wonderful addition to a family that will provide him lots of love.