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Daisy19 027DAISY (19-027) is a sweet and affectionate 10-month old, 55 pound female. She loves to play fetch, go for car rides and play at the dog park. Daisy loves to cuddle and wants nothing more than to be by your side, snuggled under the desk while you work, next to you on the couch watching tv or on the floor in the kitchen while making dinner. In most ways, she is a typical velcro golden pup. She walks well with a harness, but her nickname is “Hoover” because she just can’t leave anything on the ground during her walk; sticks, paper and trash are all fair game. Daisy would love a canine brother or sister to show her the ropes, keep her company and wrestle on demand. Daisy is a quick learner, picking up new commands easily. She has learned sit, down, come, wait, and will excel at obedience training as she simply wants to please you. She is still trying to master keeping all four paws on the ground when greeting new and old friends. She is a nice combination of playful youthfulness with the kind, gentle spirit of a seasoned golden. Daisy does have a medical condition that causes minor urinary incontinence. Specialized surgery has helped her, as well as some low-cost medications that she takes daily, and her leaking has greatly improved. We continue to fine-tune her medications in our attempts to better manage her condition but with regular potty breaks, attention to water consumption, use of waterproof bedding, and occasional diaper use, her condition is easily handled.

**A generous donor has agreed to pay the adoption fee for Kiki, so the adoption will be free of charge.**