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DASHER (21-010) Hi, I’m Dasher, a 1 year old neutered male, weighing in at 52 pounds. I started my life in China and was rescued from what would have been a terrible fate for such a sweet guy. I am now living in a home with 3 furry and 3 human siblings, what a lucky dog I am! I love them all. I am working on my manners and would benefit from training classes; I want so much to please my humans that I’ll be easy to train. I’m not quite all the way housebroken yet but I’m improving and soon will be reliable! At times I can be mouthy and I still have trouble with barking, but I am learning those are not good things. I am a strong guy and, since I was rescued from China, any kids in my new family need to be over 14. It would be nice to have a furry sibling to pass the days with but not a necessity as long as I get lots of attention from my humans. I do enjoy exploring off-leash so access to a

fenced yard would be nice, but as long as I go for lots of daily walking adventures to explore I would be happy. While I am young and learning I would like to have my human around during the day to help me be more comfortable and feel safe. As you can see, I am a fairly easy going guy who just wants love and security. I like to travel in cars but need a crate or safety belt so that I don’t try to join you in the driver’s seat. I love toys, tennis balls and on a hot day I enjoy a dip in the pool. I am so ready to bond with my forever family, could it be yours?