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DESMOND (21-024) is a handsome, happy, affectionate boy. At almost three years old, he is a typical Golden with a lot of puppy energy and needs daily walks and outdoor playtime. He loves toys (especially if they squeak) and will amuse himself by rolling on them. He enjoys wrestling with his foster siblings, but can get rough, so his play with other dogs should be supervised. At 83 pounds, his vet has suggested he should lose about five pounds. Desmond likes to carry around shoes, socks, gloves and any object he can reach that he sees as valuable to his humans, but he does not damage the items and he will give them up when instructed. He is especially gentle when taking treats. He learns quickly

and responds well to the commands he knows (including come, sit, off, give paw, go to pen). He has some anxiety issues for which he takes medication, but these issues are still exacerbated by young humans so his new family cannot have kids under 14. He can get car sick, but his foster family has been working on solutions. He pulls hard on the leash, especially when he is excited, so he will require additional leash work. He tends to jump and spin in circles when he becomes excited, so his new family will need to be sturdy enough to withstand his happiness. Desmond loves companionship and will snuggle in for rubs with his humans. While he can be left alone for up to 8 hours, he does much better when he is only left alone for an hour or two. His forever home should have a fenced yard so he can run and play.