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DUFFY (22-054) is a 105 lb, 3 yr old boy who is a favorite in the neighborhood. The neighbors are always impressed by Duffy’s handsomeness, manners, intelligence, and impressive stature. We all like to joke that he gained that good weight by going to the gym with his foster dad! Duffy’s fun personality does come with a few challenges that he has been working on, the biggest being resource guarding. Duffy has been through a combination of different owners and fosters so it seems that he is still adjusting to the concept of having a stable home and building trust with his family. He is working on figuring out what kinds of items are appropriate to chew (such as sticks, dog toys) and items that he should not grab (glasses, bags of treats, human items of value). We are working with a trainer now on safe and effective techniques to trade the contraband for an appropriate item or treat, and he is learning to trust us. Consistency is key and working with a trainer in his new home will be required. Limiting access to items he shouldn’t have (like keeping counters and floors clean) will also be a

big help. Duffy is still perfecting his leash manners and it is important that his new family continue to work with him consistently on that because he is very strong. Duffy is good with strangers (adults and children) and most other dogs that he meets in the neighborhood, but because of his size, capacity for hugs, and some other behaviors, we are looking for an adult-only home or a home with kids at least age 14. A safely fenced yard is also a must. Duffy is a big boy full of love but he can be quite a handful to handle. Duffy loves romping around in the fenced backyard and he also enjoys a nice walk with the people and doggy siblings he loves. Cats are an unknown. He loves walks, playing fetch, running with his family, riding in the car, and cuddling. He is so clever and is eager to build relationships with everyone in the household. Duffy has the potential to be a wonderful dog with the right guidance and obedience training to manage the few instances when he has trouble focusing. Once he overcomes these hurdles, he is truly a giant angel that will shower your home with love, warmth, and fun memories.