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EARLY (15-021) is an 8 year old boy that came back into rescue because sadly, he lost his family. He is on a weight loss journey to an ideal 75 pounds. Early is looking for lots of affection and attention from his family and does not like to be left for long periods of time. He will expect to join you on the couch and thinks he is a lapdog. He lives well with other dogs and cats. A family with children over the age of 12 would be best for Early. He is well trained and, with practice, is walking very well on a leash. Initially he was a little obnoxious with neighborhood dogs but now he encounters them with politeness. A dog savvy family that is willing to continue working on his leash behavior is a must. Like is typical of Goldens, Early has allergies but he has responded very well to a daily pill of apoquel. He seems to have some age-related hip issues but it doesn’t stop him from getting around well. A daily joint supplement is his treat. He can walk stairs fine, but prefers not to very often. Early is a very affectionate, Velcro dog that loves people.