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FRED (23-046) is 4 years old and 98 lbs of pure love. He has been working on losing a few pounds by playing ball and running with his foster brothers and sister. Cats are unknown. It would be wonderful for Fred’s furever home to have a fenced in yard to help with him continuing to get more exercise. Obedience training is a definite requirement for him. He does know sit, stay and sometimes, no. He needs to learn to leave pillows or anything else that’s chewable alone. Fred does like to check out what’s on the kitchen counters so care should be taken to keep them free of temptation. Traveling in the car has been something he seems to enjoy and he’ll either lie down or sit and look out of the windows.

Since Fred is such a robust fellow, it would be best for any children in the home to be over 13 years of age; he doesn’t realize how big he is when he’s playing. Fred will occasionally start off sleeping on the bed but will eventually lay on the floor. His favorite past-time is being scratched or rubbed. Walking on a leash/harness is still a work in progress; he’s very strong and could pull a person over. With obedience and direction, Fred will be a wonderful addition to a patient and loving home that can give him his best life.