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GIBSON (20-020) is a wonderful 10 month old Golden boy, who is active and rambunctious; there seems to be no end to this boy’s energy! A fenced-in-yard would be beneficial since he loves to play ball and frisbee, and needs to do it safely. Gibson is a typical Golden who loves the water, whether it’s out of the hose, a puddle, or a pool. Happy is this guy’s middle name. Since Gibson is so energetic and he’s still learning control, it’s recommended any children in the home be over 13 yrs old. Gibson rides fairly well in the car but likes to move around to look out of all the windows to see what’s passing by. Obedience training is being recommended even though he does know basic commands and listens quite well. He is working on his leash manners but still pulls when he wants to smell something or someone interesting. Gibson gets along with his foster brothers but there are times when he doesn’t know when to quit playing. If they let him know they’ve had enough, he will stop. Gibson is crate trained and it’s where he’s comfortable sleeping at night. Gibson needs an active, dog savvy family who are willing to have the patience this boy needs to become the wonderful boy that’s hiding in there.