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Available Dogs arrow GINGER (21-027) and CHARLIE (21-028)

GINGER (21-027), 11, and CHARLIE (21-028), 8, are a bonded pair with unique personalities and plenty of love to share. Charlie has a charming disposition, good manners and is well behaved. He is an affectionate dog and loves toys, often lying on his back and holding them in his front paws while happily squirming on the floor. That said, he does like to explore the inside of soft toys! Charlie gets along with other dogs and is non-inspired by cats, letting them pass by (or over) without a care. He navigates steps well and has shown no interest in countertop-surfing. Ginger is a sweet girl with a bit of a stubborn streak. She usually walks well with a flat collar but a harness is recommended. This old girl still does stairs without a problem and is also very playful with toys and balls. But she is eleven years old and is limited in the amount of physical activity she wants to put up with. Like Charlie, she is great around cats and too short to be interested in the countertop; but she will try to gently steal the last of Charlie’s food if she finishes first! Charlie and Ginger are bonded in a way that we would humanize as a “mother and son” relationship. Ginger is the alpha and can be protective of Charlie, especially if she thinks his playing with another dog represents a threat to her “son.” You sometimes get the sense that Charlie would just like his “mom” to let him have some fun! Charlie, for his part, is mildly anxious when he can’t find Ginger. He’ll wait at the door for her when she is outside and seek her out when she hasn’t been in eyesight for a few minutes. You come to the understanding they have done everything together for the past six years or so and that old habits would be difficult to break. They would bring instant warmth and companionship to any household and should do well around children who are seven and older, as long as socks or other “smalls” weren’t left around for exploring mouths.  Both can be left alone for extended periods in a tidy house without temptations and are used to two short walks a day.