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GOTTIE (21-026) This beautiful 11 yr old red goldie will love you to pieces! She is a gentle dog who gets along well with her 11 yr old foster brother. Gottie loves attention and companionship and will follow her humans wherever they go. She loves walks and likes to carry the leash in her mouth. She’s a “leaner” and likes to nudge your hand to keep petting her, or she will lay down next to or on top of your foot. Gottie enjoys exploring her fenced in backyard when her people are outside, but prefers sunbathing to playing fetch. Initially Gottie was very quiet, but as she’s grown more comfortable she will whimper and wag her tail excitedly and sometimes bark. She has been fine staying free in the house while her

people are away, for about five hours. Gottie is very overweight at 117 pounds and needs to stay on her diet and exercise routine to get the extra weight off, so she is looking for a family that can walk her multiple times a day. She is also a little itchy right now so we’ve been giving her some Zyrtec, and she will need some follow-ups with a Vet to check her weight loss and monitor lab work. Gottie will thrive in a calm household and she would love another middle-aged or older dog as a companion.