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GOYA (19-043) is an incredibly sweet and gorgeous boy who has all the normal curiosity and high activity level of a 2 year old golden. The things that bring him the most joy are playing fetch, chewing bones and getting lots of pets! It’s easy to give him what he wants; with his super sweet temperament and that reddish coat that feels like silk. Although very energetic, Goya is on the quieter side in the house, not a big barker. Goya is partially deaf, but it’s only really noticeable when other dogs bark at noises he doesn’t seem to hear. He is a fast learner and wants to be a really good boy. He might not have had the ideal start in life but it only shows in some of his house manners. He does counter surf, so his family will need to clear off counters and furniture of anything he could get into, until this behavior is permanently resolved. And, despite his lean build, he is surprisingly strong and sometimes uses his 70lbs to barrel through things in his path, so small kids in the home are not recommended. Goya loves people and, after a getting-to-know-you period, playing with other dogs, preferably in a big fenced yard where he can run around safely. Goya really wants to find a family to share all his love, who would adore his sweet face resting on their leg for many pets, and that don’t mind that he likes to follow them around the house sometimes. His ideal home will be one that will continue with positive training so he can learn the house rules and become the best boy he was always meant to be.