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Hopper19 008 couch1 HOPPER (19-008) is a wonderful yet complex 1 year-old boy who was given up at 10 months old due to serious behavior issues. It has taken several months, both medical and positive-training interventions, and lots and lots of patience, time, and love, but he is slowly overcoming his past and becoming an exceptional adolescent Golden. In fact, we are very proud to say that he recently earned his Canine Good Citizen certification! Although he has come a long way, he is still, and may always be, a work in progress. Hopper must have a special Forever Home that can dedicate the time, positive interaction and structured environment he needs. He will do best in a dog-savvy, adult-only home that likes to actively spend time doing fun things with their dogs like hiking, visiting places, positive-reinforcement training, and classes like rally or tricks (check him out gettin’ in the basket!). Hopper likes to play with other dogs in a structured environment so some Doggie Day Care with a knowledgeable staff (and opportunities for separate “nap time” during the day) can work nicely, but neighborhood dog parks are not advised. After a rocky start, Hopper has learned to get along with the other Goldens in his foster home but he is always under supervision when interacting, and he sometimes needs to go to his kennel to take a break and reset. He has a good prey drive so cats or small critters in his new home are not recommended. Critical to his success is to have his own physically separated area inside the house for quiet time – we use a large, free-standing kennel that his new family is welcome to borrow during his transition. He also responds well to regular calming routines like effleurage stroking, soothing music, and certain essential oils. Training will be required, as will at least one consultation with his current Veterinary Behaviorist. If his Forever Home happens to live in or near Loudoun County, he will have access to most of his current support team (trainers, vets, day cares, etc) to help continue to shape him into the absolutely marvelous pup he has the potential to be.