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  IVA (22-053) is a 9 year old girl with a big personality that loves life and being the center of attention. She gets along great with all dogs and really enjoys their company. Cats are also a favorite of Iva’s, and there are times when she simply cannot resist ‘engaging’ the resident cats to try and get them to play with her too. Iva’s hope for fun continues outside where her favorite activities are chasing, but not always returning, a ball and going for a walk. Both are perfect activities for Iva as she’s been on a weight loss journey since she came into GRREAT late last fall. Inside, Iva can be left for a normal work day because she has good house manners, even though she insists that you share whatever it is you may be eating with her. When she’s not thinking about food, Iva loves having toys to carry around as much as she loves being with her people. Iva had a shoulder injury several years ago so she needs help getting in and out of a car, and she is unable to do big flights of stairs, so a home with limited steps will be a must. Iva enjoys good general health, but she takes thyroid medication twice daily and, as mentioned, she is on a journey to lose weight so Iva’s new family must be committed to helping her reach her goals. Because of her size, Iva is best suited to a home with children over the age of 8. She is truly the perfect family diva and friend who is always ready for the next fun thing to happen, and she’s ready for a new and fun forever home!