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Jo Z19 028JO-Z WALES (19-028) is a sweet and joyful 2 year old male Goldendoodle with a very soft and curly coat. His “golden” side shows up during any outside activity; he absolutely loves to fetch any kind of ball and will bring it back and drop it at your feet or in your hand and very happily wait for the next throw. Pulling the leash out for a walk is met with enthusiasm and, after the first couple of minutes, the excited pulling subsides and you will enjoy your walks as much as he does. Jo-Z absolutely loves to snuggle and cuddle but he tends to have a nice balance of lying next to you, or near you or even in another room. As energetic as Jo-Z is outside, his “doodle’ side shows up inside the house where he is a very calm dog, despite being so young. He is housetrained and doesn’t chew on anything besides his toys, but he might grab items to hold in his mouth if he finds them, so I make sure garbage is secure and items are put away when he has free run of the house. He loves to chew on hard bones or snuggle with his stuffed toys (under supervision). His bark can sometimes be high pitched and startling however, he usually only barks for about 5 seconds and that’s it. He likes to take his naps on his back, so his long legs dangle adorably in the air. Jo-Z is very smart and seems to be a fast learner. He quickly figured out that sitting was the best way to ask for things and he figured out what “stay” meant on the 3rd try. Jo-Z had some mats and tangles so he had to have a close trim and doesn’t require much brushing right now. However, as it grows back out, Jo-Z will need frequent brushing and occasional grooming, especially around his ears. Jo-Z has interacted well with other dogs in the fenced yard as long as it’s clear whose turn it is to fetch the balls. Jo-Z’s serious eyes are usually the only betrayal that he has some worries. His biggest challenge is resource guarding. The behaviorist he has worked with twice believes it will take some time, but with positive reinforcement and “exercises”, along with structure and a variety of playtimes, he will overcome it. Luckily, his small stature and love of chasing balls at breakneck speed make it easy to keep him exercised. Jo-Z loves people and dogs in a structured environment so an adult-only home with lots of interactions will be ideal. Jo-Z really wants to find a family to trust, who will spend the time positively reinforcing his good behavior and where he can find his Forever Home.