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KATERINA (20-030) is a 2 year old sweetheart in a pint-sized package. Full grown at 40 lbs, this fluffy girl is learning the ropes as a loved American pet after being rescued from China. KitKat is a fun and interesting mix of blessings and challenges. She is lovely to walk on a leash however, she is very scared of moving cars. We have had some success walking her with other dogs but have not yet made it around a full block. She’ll get there, but for this reason, a fenced yard in a quieter setting, rather than relying on walks for exercise in a busy area, would be ideal. She is eager to please but is still learning house manners. Like a puppy, she will happily put anything in her mouth, but she will easily give up the object when asked. Also like a puppy, she is learning to be house broken. Part of the problem is a UTI that we’re working on clearing up and part is just learning what’s appropriate.  Vigilance and reinforcement are key, as are potty breaks at regular intervals. KitKat LOVES other dogs as playmates and also as a model for her behavior and her confidence, so her next home should have a friendly doggy companion. Finally, KitKat has what we describe as a very “soft” personality. She is so eager for kindness and wants to have fun, but is very sensitive to loud noises (even in praise) and any time that she doesn’t understand what is being asked of her. Because of this, and because we don’t know her background, we’re looking for a calm and patient adult-only, or older-kid, family. This little girl is making great progress but still has a way to go to realize her full potential as a happy, confident Forever Dog. She is ready to find a loving family that can help her get there.