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Kiki18 007 5KIKI (18-007) is a beautiful 9 year old girl with a thick coat who is ready to come into your home and be your best friend. She will follow you from room to room and quietly settle in. Her serious face belies a happy dog who enjoys being petted and adored. She came to GRREAT from Egypt not knowing how to walk on leash, and now that is her favorite thing to do. She thrives on a routine that includes several short walks a day and loves to be petted by strangers when we are out walking. Our best walks are when we don’t see other dogs, but when Kiki alerts to another dog in the distance, a supply of treats can distract her from barking excitedly. Kiki has never had an accident in her foster home. She can be left alone for many hours, but we are looking for a forever home with someone who is around most of the time. She is patient and accepting of baths and enjoys being brushed. A fenced yard is desirable. Kiki needs an adult-only home with no other pets. She can be possessive of chew treats and random other objects that she finds such as paper; she counter surfs; and she guards her food bowl when eating. Kiki was nervous and anxious when she first arrived at her foster home, and it took some time for her to begin to relax and feel comfortable. We want Kiki’s forever home to give her the time and attention she deserves so she can begin to relax again. In return Kikiwill become your best friend and constant companion.