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Kiki18 007 4KIKI (18-007) has been in foster care for two years and is still looking for her forever home. People who are used to easy-going Goldens shy away from the ones who are not so perfect, but Kiki is a sweetheart of a dog and will be a wonderful companion to the right person. She is 9 years old and easy to have around the house. She will follow you from room to room and quietly settle into a comfortable spot. Here she is waiting for her breakfast: https://vimeo.com/378856427  Kiki needs the kind of person who is attuned to her personality, which can be a bit complicated. She is possessive of chew treats and some soft toys, and will softly growl to tell you to go away when she has something of value in front of her or she wants to sleep undisturbed. She guards her food bowl, maybe a result of not having enough when she was younger, having spent her first eight years in Egypt. Kiki loves going for short walks in the neighborhood, but we take routes that avoid encountering other dogs, as she may bark and lunge at them. She can be left alone for many hours, but we are looking for a forever home with someone who is around much of the time. She has never had an accident in her foster home. She is patient and accepting of baths and enjoys being brushed.  Kiki needs an adult-only home with no other pets. A fenced yard is desirable. Kiki was nervous and anxious when she first arrived at her foster home, and it took some time for her to begin to relax and feel comfortable. We want Kiki’s forever home to give her the time and attention she deserves so she can begin to relax again. In return Kiki will become your best friend and constant companion.

**A generous donor has agreed to pay the adoption fee for Kiki, so the adoption will be free of charge.**