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Available Dogs arrow LIBERTY (23-056)

LIBERTY (23-056) is a petite Golden mix weighing in at. about 55 pounds. She is 9 years young and in good health.  Liberty has a laid-back disposition and is very sweet. While she seems to prefer men she is now relaxed and friendly with every person she encounters. She especially likes children and when she meets them she cries for them to pet her. Liberty has a calm energy and loves to go for walks.  She will even lobby her people to take her out on her leash.  Liberty used a harness for her walks when she first arrived.  Now she can walk on a regular leash and does very well.  She also enjoys the adventure of a fun car ride. Liberty loves to sleep in bed with her people and cuddle next to you on the sofa. She has free rein of the house when her people are away and patiently awaits their return. She has made a little den for herself under one of our desks and enjoys the quiet space from time to time. While Liberty shows some interest in other dogs her size or larger she does not do well with small dogs or cats. If you are looking for a dog who is calm around the house and will really appreciate the loving home you provide, Liberty could be the girl for you.