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LILO (23-037) is a wonderfully happy, energetic, and sweet 2 yr old golden. She came to her foster home as a very sick girl and beat the odds with her strong spirit. While she has made it through a very bad bout of blastomycosis, she will require two more checkups at 3 month intervals to make sure she does not have a relapse. Her foster family and current vet will provide all necessary information to her forever family. She is highly social and enjoys playing with other dogs, but she’s also an expert snuggler who wants to cuddle up with her humans on the couch and sleep next to them in bed.  With her newfound health, she is finally experiencing her puppy phase of life and loves wrestling with her foster siblings and exploring the backyard, so the two things that are the most important in her new home are a securely fenced yard and a playful canine companion at home.


She has a high prey drive and wants to chase everything from moving leaves to cats, squirrels and deer. Now that she’s a healthy girl, she has learned “sit” and is starting to learn leash manners. She loves walks, for which her fosters use a harness, and the mental stimulation as well as the physical activity help her expend some energy. Lilo can be a bit vocal, so apartment life will not be a good option for her. Because she is still excitable, a home with young children would not be a good match. As long as she has a canine companion, she does well without her humans for about 4 hours. She doesn’t like to get into the car, but once in the vehicle, she settles well in the back seat. She has the enthusiasm, energy and mischief of a puppy, so her forever family will need to provide plenty of exercise, and she would benefit from training classes.