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LOKI (23-042) is a beautiful mahogany-red golden retriever with a heart full of love as he waits for his forever home. Loki is a 1 yr old, 76 lb. boy who is house and crate trained with very nice manners. An energetic boy, Loki needs a fenced yard to run and play in as well as another playful dog in the house for companionship. He is an affectionate, well-behaved dog; he loves to give kisses and he knows all the basic commands. Although he knows not to get on furniture, he will try to sneak onto an available lap if he thinks he can get away with it. Loki loves to be around people and other dogs, so if his new family works long hours, arrangements should be made for Loki to get fun mid-day breaks. Loki is a chewer and needs a good supply of ‘indestructible” doggie toys to keep him occupied. He loves to carry things around in his mouth and his favorite things in

the whole world are balls. Loki will play fetch for as long as he can find a human to throw those balls, and he also loves to play tug with his foster sister. Loki has never chewed anything that doesn’t belong to him, but care must be taken that small objects and non-doggie stuff be kept out of his reach. He will destroy stuffies and soft toys so these are not allowed. Loki has been learning to walk nicely on a leash and, although his leash manners are improving, he needs to continue his leash training. Loki still tends to pull a little and gets easily distracted so his new family will need to commit to continuing his training; a training deposit will be part of his adoption agreement. Loki is a big, energetic boy, so any kids in the family need to be over 10 and sturdy enough not to be knocked down by his antics. Loki has been a joy to have around and has been a GRREAT house guest. He will be very much missed when he goes to his new family.