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MAGIC (23-049) is a 3 yr old, 88 lb gentle giant and experienced snugglebug. He gets along well with the two dogs and two cats in his foster home, but his big size means that any kids in his new home need to be older and sturdier so they don’t get knocked over. Magic rides great in the car; he lays right down and rests until you arrive at your destination. Magic loves to go for walks and walks well on the leash with very little pulling. He likes to be outside with his people and he loves to play ball before laying down and enjoying the scenery. A fenced yard is nice but not necessary as he likes to be with his family. Magic barks when his humans come home

but quiets quickly when he realizes he knows them. Magic likes to sit in his human’s lap while they watch TV and has decided the sofa is also an acceptable TV watching spot. He is crate-trained and stays there when we are gone, no more than 4 hours at a time. He loves his crate and will hang out there in the evenings with the door open, and he likes to sleep on the foot of the bed at night. This big guy is looking for his Forever, could it be you?