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MAPLE (24-006) is a one year old 55 pound female looking for a calm, happy, stress-free environment to call her forever home. She is potty trained and free to roam the house while left home alone, but we do shut doors and puppy-proof before we leave. She can sit & lay down on command, and she comes when you call her name. She gets along with all of the dogs we’ve encountered. Cats are unknown. She loads up in the car and does not get sick, but doesn’t really enjoy car rides. She typically lays down and hides her face. She is active and likes to play with her 7 year old foster sister, so a home with another energetic but confident dog would be great!

In her previous home, there were incidents between Maple and the young kids in the family when the house got crowded and chaotic, so a home without children under 14 would be best. To Maple, everyone is stranger-danger at first, but with time and patience, she will warm up and is very sweet and loveable once she knows you are a safe person. She’s happy when hanging out right by your side, getting belly rubs and cuddles, playing tug of war, squeaking her stuffed toys, and chewing on bones. Maple wants your undivided attention and to sleep in bed right next to you at night. She likes to explore the back yard on her own terms at her own pace, so a fenced in yard is a huge plus. She isn’t passionate about any certain outdoor toy or game like fetch, but she really enjoys her daily walks in a harness and leash, exploring new walking trails or visits to the dog park. Maple would love to be part of a family that works from home, can take her to work with them, or has a schedule where she can get a mid day potty break and some exercise. She doesn’t like to be left alone for long, so a home with a busy routine may not be a good fit. Maple loves food and will do anything for a treat. But don’t leave food on the counter or she’ll find a way to get it when you’re not looking. Her forever home must be very calm and patient while helping teach Maple to grow into her confidence.