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Available Dogs arrow MARLEY (24-011)

MARLEY (24-011) is an 8 month old Golden with a super sweet temperament; he loves to snuggle people and give kisses. After a long walk or a good romp with his foster siblings he settles down nicely, although he still has typical puppy energy and needs a lot of both. He gets along with both cats and dogs but will playfully chase a cat if they run. Marley would love to go to a home with another playful and energetic dog, but may also do fine as an only dog if given enough energy outlets and fun exercise. He rides well in the car, quiet as a mouse.

Marley is housebroken and is learning commands like the all-important “leave it” as he has a tendency to counter surf. Although he does like to grab a shoe and initiate a game of “chase me,” he isn’t destructive and has proven trustworthy outside of the crate for about 3 hours. If we are gone longer than that, we crate him, but he’s never left for more than 6 hours at a time. While on a walk Marley is very interested in what’s up ahead and we recommend a fenced in yard for safe, off-leash play. He is very enthusiastic when guests come and could easily knock down a small child or an elderly person, so his new forever family members should be sturdy. Obedience training will be required so that he can become the terrific well-mannered dog he deserves to be.