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MAX (22-006) is an adorable and energetic 2 year old Golden. He is full of life and affection and wants nothing more than to be right by your side. This boy needs A LOT of exercise and mental stimulation to keep him busy. He is still having some accidents in the house but is learning and is not destructive at all. He was in a shelter for a couple of months and gets very sad if he is separated from his people, so we are looking for someone home a lot of the time. Mostly this boy is full of love and so ready to be part of an active family. Max is great with our Golden and loves to play. He would be very happy living with another dog but, as long as he has humans to shower him with love and attention, he would be OK as the only dog too. He loves children, but he is not really aware of his size and is still jumping on people, so kids in the home should be older.

Right now he is a handful to walk on leash, but we are working on that too. He just gets so excited to greet every person and creature he meets along the way. He likes having a fenced yard where he can safely enjoy a rousing game of fetch, one of his favorite past times. This boy will steal your heart!!!