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MAX (22-023) is the sweetest giant muppet you will ever meet! He is a 5 year old Goldendoodle who is now 86 lbs and all he wants is to cuddle, play, take walks, and collapse onto your body for snuggles. He is a medium-activity dog; he loves going on long walks and he loves playing with humans and other dogs. A fenced yard would be ideal so he can play off-leash safely. He doesn’t quite understand how large he is, so we use a Halti on walks as he is very interested in jumping on new people and dogs to try and play with them. He has not been cat tested, but he really likes to chase squirrels and anything small, so we think he would try to catch a cat. He cries when we leave the house, but has had no issues with accidents or chewing when left alone. He would prefer to be around people but could probably go a full day alone as long as he has a mid-day walk. He is fully house trained, knows some basic commands (sit, stay, shake, and down) and LOVES to be petted and brushed. He also loves water – we gave him a bath in the backyard with

the hose and he was so thrilled!  Max does not get on furniture, he rides well in the car, and has no problems with stairs. He does need someone who will continue to work with him on leash training. Max has been around children and older dogs in his home and he is gentle with them. He would love to have someone else to play with but would also be happy as a solo pet. Max was given up after he developed a minor case of epilepsy. His condition is very well-regulated with medications and he has 1-2 small seizures each month. The seizures are very short (10-15 seconds) and he will lose bladder control and then pop right back up and is ready to play or cuddle again. We sit with him during these episodes (often at night) and he recovers very quickly and has no long-term effects. You would never know he has a medical condition of any kind; he is happy, outgoing, and just wants to give love to everyone. Max is really just the perfect, large Goldendoodle. He gets along with everyone and would love to find the perfect family to love and play with him.