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Hi everyone! My name is MAYA (21-017) and I’m a spry 9-year-old redhead with one of the silkiest coats you have ever touched! I’m looking for my forever home and wonder if you could be the lucky one? Read on to see if we might be a good match.

You: Want to feel like a rockstar every time you come home? Enjoy hearing a ‘woo-woo’ and other conversation starters from a happy pup? Ok with splitting our time between snuggles on the couch and neighborhood walks? Looking for a loving companion?

Me: A cheerful pup with typical golden behaviors. I adapted easily to my foster home’s schedule and get along with my foster brother. The more comfortable I become, the more playful I get. I LOVE my pink piggy!! While I’m almost perfect, I do counter surf and can guard things I’m not supposed to have. For this reason, my foster mom and dad will not adopt me to family with children younger than 14. We are working with a behaviorist to help overcome and manage this behavior of mine. All three of us are focused on the training and I need to find someone committed to continuing the process. Don’t worry, mom and dad will make sure you get the necessary information and I’m a quick study. I enjoy going

for walks, which is a good thing since I’ve got about 10# to lose. My leash manners are pretty good, but I can pull when I get excited and see something that I really want (this is something else we’re working on). When not going for walks, I’m mostly keen just to chill on the couch or bed until about 8pm when I like to goad my foster brother into a mini romp around the tv room. When he’s done playing, I’ll try to engage you in a game of fetch with my plush piggy. When that’s done, I’m ready for snuggles and bedtime. While dad works from home most days and mom is close enough to come home at lunch, I can be left alone for six or so hours without any problem. But, if you want to take me with you, I ride very well in the car. I don’t require a fence, but I do enjoy spending time outside with my humans and rolling in the grass. I don’t like to get too hot and will need a cool, shady spot in which we can enjoy nature together. I get along well with my foster brother. But, if you’re willing to spoil me with all the attention I deserve, I won’t require a canine companion. I don’t live with a cat so it is unknown how I will react. Well, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I am a special pup. So, reach out to mom and dad and set up a meet and greet. I can’t wait to meet you!!