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MONTY (24-019) This distinguished gentleman has perfect house manners and knows at least four commands. He can be left alone in a house for 8 hours a day. He enjoys playing with toys, sniffing around our fenced backyard, taking frequent naps, and having an early bedtime. But by far, his most favorite activity is going for walks; short walks, long walks, really long walks, really short walks, it doesn’t matter, he loves them all. Monty would enjoy a fenced back yard but its not necessary as long as he gets lots of walks. Monty is ten years young and takes a joint supplement, mostly as a preventative measure.

He was a little distant and anxious when he first arrived, but over the past few weeks he has started to trust again and is becoming very affectionate. Monty gets along fine with our own Golden but we think he would enjoy being the only dog in the household. As we don’t know much about Monty’s history, any children in the family need to be 14 or older. He did live with a cat in his previous household but we have not personally seen him interact with one. Monty rides well in a car.  He hops right up and travels calmly. Monty is really well-trained and will be a GRREAT fit in almost any household.