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MYA (23-007) is a sweet, playful, and very affectionate 56 lb, 8-month-old pup. Her eyes will melt your heart! Mya is so full of love and wants to shower it on every person she meets. She is sometimes over-the-top but we are working on balance and she is learning. She is very happy with people of all ages, and has a soft spot for children. Mya loves to be right in the middle of the action; she LOVES to play fetch and carries her ball everywhere, eventually depositing it in

the dishwasher, lol. She has had one little slip up when she chewed a shoe right after her arrival but since then only chews her toys. Mya loves playing with her golden sister but has not been exposed to cats. She would love to live with another dog, but she will be fine as an only dog as long as she is showered with attention by her humans. Mya has done an amazing job learning her leash manners; her pulling is limited and stops after the first 5 minutes, but she still needs a little work. She is learning to walk past people and animals without engaging. Mya absolutely needs vigorous walks during the day, this girl has a lot of energy! Mya enjoys being out in our fenced yard, but prefers walks and playing fetch in the house. She has bolted out of the door on a few occasions so she needs practice with “wait.” Mya rides well in the car but can be reluctant to get in. She has had a few accidents and we are working on gaining her trust and resolving the issue.

Mya gets super excited when she greets people and is struggling to keep 4 on the floor. We are working with a trainer now, specifically for her hyper-arousal. She will need continued, consistent and focused training to keep learning appropriate manners when greeting people. Mya easily goes into her crate at night for sleeping. She spends some time in her playpen during the day, but is unhappy when she is separated from the action. Mya is happiest when she is with her humans, and would struggle if left alone all day so she’s looking for a family that is often home. She absolutely LOVES to have her belly rubbed and will flip on her back in an instant. Mya will steal your heart and never let go.