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OLIVER (21-009) is a 7 yr old Golden Doodle who is a beautiful, loving and sweet, diamond-in-the-rough. His fur was close-cut for the summer by his previous owners. At 65 pounds, he is a tall, lanky guy with big feet. The vet observed that Oliver appears and acts much younger than his age. There is not a mean bone in Oliver’s body, but his energy and exuberance make him not a good fit for a family with young children or the elderly who could get knocked over by him. Oliver knows some basic commands, like sit and down, and is most apt to obey when there is a treat around. He likes to hold fabric in his mouth and will grab a kitchen towel, a sock, or most any other item left around the house. He jumps and nips for attention which we are working on. He can be left alone for long periods of time but is used to having someone around the house. Oliver is a joyful dog and everything is fun and games to him, so part of his training will involve teaching him to settle when the games are over. He was neutered

when he entered GRREAT in late June, and we are hoping this will mellow his personality somewhat. His owner was a small, older woman, as is his foster home; he may benefit from a male presence. He has had limited exposure to other dogs, but he reacts well to them when out walking. He is learning to walk on leash, and may be a good companion for a runner as a way to burn up some of his energy. Here is a short clip of Oliver retrieving: https://vimeo.com/575440080        Oliver will need training and an experienced, patient owner to make him the wonderful companion he is capable of being. His forever family must have a fenced yard that is large enough for him to run in.