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OLIVER (21-009) is a 7 yr old N/M Golden Doodle who is beautiful, loving, sweet, and still puppy-ish. At 72 pounds, he is a tall, lanky guy with big feet. People stop their car and roll down the window to remark on what a beautiful dog he is. He is a first-class lapdog, starting with his head and then slowly the rest of him tries to get into your lap. Oliver came into GRREAT from a home in the country where he didn’t see many people except his owner. We have tried to expand Oliver’s social circle via the dog park and doggie daycare. But he seems to be his best and most comfortable self alone at home with his person. He becomes energetic and excited around other people, and will grab his leash in his mouth and jump about. Oliver is a great walking companion. He goes on three to four walks a day for about a mile, sniffing at things along the way. Oliver senses the world through his nose and mouth and

loves to pick up paper (which he chews) and fabric, such as clothing and towels (which he just likes to hold on to). The kitchen counter is always a temptation. When Oliver first came to GRREAT, he jumped and nipped at your clothing for attention. He is on medication to calm him, and the nipping has subsided greatly. There is not a mean bone in his body, but Oliver can be too exuberant to be around children or the frail elderly. He can be left alone for long periods of time but is used to having someone around the house. Here is a short clip of Oliver retrieving: https://vimeo.com/575440080  We believe Oliver would do best with a single person who can be his best friend. He simply isn’t interested in other dogs, and cats confuse him. Oliver should have a fenced yard for those times when he has the zoomies and needs to run in circles for a while.