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Rebel19 032REBEL (19-032) is a cute and attentive 11-month-old girl who weighs about 65lbs. She has lots of energy and enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee, swimming, and taking long walks. She is very attached to her humans and when she’s tired out from playing, she loves to rest at someone’s feet for petting and cuddles. Rebel is fully house trained but still needs a lot of work on her puppy manners. She jumps up, occasionally mouths hands/arms, picks up/chews inappropriate objects, and barks when things startle her. She is smart and eager to please and will do well with consistent training, so an obedience class is strongly recommended. She can sit, come when called (sometimes), and go get her ball (sometimes.) She enjoys being brushed and petted for long periods of time or relaxing with a sturdy chew toy. Her leash manners have been improving significantly with the use of a harness, but she can still be reactive to things like squirrels when on walks. She has a strong prey drive and has had to be kept completely separated from the cat in her foster home. Rebel was raised with her littermate Ranger and enjoys playing with other dogs, though she has a high intensity play style that would probably not go over well with a timid dog. She is crate-trained but is happiest when a human is in the room with her. She would do best in a home where someone is around for much of the day. She has experience with older children and enjoys them and could probably adjust to small children with time and training. She is a healthy puppy with no known medical issues.