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Available Dogs arrow REMY (23-052)

REMY (23-052) is a 1 1/2 year old red-haired sweetie pie. He has all of the youthful vigor of a puppy, but he loves to lay on the couch with you for a nice nap and belly rub. He will be a perfect fit for a family with kids, younger or older, he loves his 4-legged foster brothers and he loves chasing squirrels at 100 mph. He also loves fetching tennis balls and, unlike his foster brothers, he will drop it at your feet so you can throw it again and again. The ideal home for Remy will be one where he can count on daily walks, a big fenced in backyard to run in, and another dog in the home to play with. Cats are an unknown.

He is very good natured, not much of a barker. He will reliably sit, come and wait before he eats or goes outside. But, like most Goldens he would benefit from some additional leash training, he can be a bit of a puller especially if there’s a squirrel in his sites! Remy does have allergies that seem to be environmental. They are currently being controlled with a daily dose of Apoquel. So, he will need a daily dose of that to keep him from scratching. All in all, Remy has the best qualities that everyone looks for in a Golden Retriever. And hopefully we can find him the perfect forever home.