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RONNIE (24-022) is an almost 1-yr old, 65-lb, bundle of energy that will quickly make you fall in love. She has soft ears to pet and loves long snuggles into your shoulder and giving gentle kisses on your ear. Ronnie LOVES to be around people! She is curious, very smart and learns quickly. At her foster home she appointed herself as the center of all attention. She loves stuffed Kong toys and squeakies and, like a typical Golden, she has to carry her favorite toy in her mouth to greet you when you come home and follow you everywhere you go. She goes from frequent zoomies all over the house to sleeping on top of your feet when she is tired out. She still sleeps in a crate overnight. She asks to go outside by trying to climb into your lap or nudging you with her nose. A fenced yard would be best for her so she can have safe, off-leash playtime. Ronnie is fine with car rides and even better with interesting outings. She has been plant shopping on a busy Saturday and she patiently walked through the aisles of the nursery, taking it all in. She loves long walks and walks best in a gentle leader or harness in case she sees a squirrel and needs to be held in check.

Ronnie’s energy level is very high and long walks help her settle down. Her curiosity nudges her to explore counter tops and she may take something and claim it. She is working on keeping 4 paws on the ground and is making progress. Ronnie understands the difference between dog toys and people stuff, but considers it her primary job to gently pull stuffies apart. A very active household with older kids or no kids would be best for her, and she would prefer no more than about 6 hours alone during the day. She also would be best as the only pet because she likes to play a little roughly and has trouble taking “stop” cues from her canine foster brother. Cats are too much fun to chase. Ronnie enjoys being in motion and having something to do. She plays fetch for long stretches and is always ready for the next walk. With a gentle yet firm hand, consistent training, and lots of exercise, she will be the dog of your dreams. A training deposit will be required for this adorable handful.