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ROSIE (23-044) is a tall, 65 lb, 9 month old Golden girl. She is housebroken and has made huge improvements with commands like sit and stay, although she still needs to learn her manners with regards to not jumping up and only chewing on dog toys. Rosie’s adoptive family will need to continue training her, and be very disciplined with rules while she’s still growing out of her ornery puppy phase. She enjoys being physically and mentally exercised. She enjoys walks and is great in a harness. When indoors, she enjoys chewing on her bone. She behaves best when she’s the only pet in the household. Because of her size and energy, a home with bigger kids that can run and play chase with her without being

knocked down would be best, and a safely fenced yard is always a good idea. She rests calmly with no fuss in her crate when left home alone and when it’s time for bed. Since she is still crated, she will at least need a midday break if her family works away from home. Rosie has a heart murmur that was evaluated by a cardiologist, and classified as being very minor and common in dogs. This does not slow Rosie down one bit and there are no limitations to her activity level or lifestyle. She is a perfectly healthy happy golden. Rosie can’t wait to meet her forever family and complete your home!