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Shannon19 033aSHANNON (19-033) Getting to know Shannon is an experience you won’t soon forget. She is a sprightly 14 yr old but you would be forgiven for thinking she is just 14 months old. She has all the characteristics of a textbook Golden Retriever; dark blonde, with soulful brown eyes, an endlessly curious nose, and a healthy appetite. She is playful, loves to carry toys in her mouth, and wants to be with you everywhere you go. A healthy, happy girl, Shannon loves her walks where she gets to meet new people and other dogs. When riding in a car, she likes to jump in the driver’s seat but will eventually settle down for a snooze in the back. She will keep your garden free of squirrels and chipmunks, but can be trusted to be given free run of your house. She has lived with both kids and cats in the past. She gets along well with her foster brother, is housebroken, and not on any meds. A fenced yard would be nice. As for obedience training, she is a blank slate but we think this is one old dog that can be taught new tricks. Shannon would do best in a home where she was not left alone for long periods and, while she has no problem with stairs, a one-level home would be ideal.