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Available Dogs arrow SHELBY (20-027) and JACK (20-028)

SHELBY (20-027) and JACK (20-028) There is nothing better than adopting two dogs who are easy going, fun and will settle right in. Shelby is the Golden, who is about 12 years old. She’s carefree and loves everyone and everything; her tail never stops wagging. Jack, who is about 10 years old, is the most handsome Black Lab in GRREAT! He can sometimes be unsure of himself and needs some encouragement, but a toss of a tennis ball that he will happily return to you, and the worries all disappear. Between the two of them, this fun pair love all things that Retrievers do; they love attention, being with their people, being outside, being lazy, and they are eager to

please.  Shelby and Jack do not play together but they coexist peacefully and like (and need) each other’s company. They will be best as only dogs with no cats and limited steps because Shelby, who loves to be with her people, is not able to do them. Also, a dog-savvy home with children over 12 years old will be another must. Shelby and Jack can be left for a few hours during the day. They have pretty good house manners, and they know the basic commands. Yes, having two dogs means twice as many muddy paw prints in the house, and twice as much hair. But the best part is that it also means twice as many dogs to love who will double the love they give you back.