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SNOW (23-041) Hi, my name is Snow and I’m a fun, blond, 4-yr-old girl. Some of my favorite things are sitting on the deck watching the neighborhood go by, my stuffies, and SQUIRRELS. I am actually obsessed with SQUIRRELS. I originally lived in the countryside, so I am just learning to walk on a leash with a harness. I will need additional training for that and for other commands. I’m smart, but right now I only know sit and come; I am working on stay and okay. I’m also learning some fun things from my foster mom like “uppy puppy, down down, in the house, and lets’ get the mail.” I like to go in the car but am still figuring out the best way to ride calmly. I came to GRREAT because of issues with the other dogs in the house, so I need to be an only dog. I love people, including younger ones, and have lived with kiddos as young as 6. I also lived with 2 cats and ignored them.

I can ignore other dogs I see on my walks but I am obsessed with SQUIRRELS. I am pretty calm in the house, so I need a safe, fenced space to do my zoomies and expend my energy and not gain any more than my 75 pounds. I do counter surf if there is something special on the table or counter, but I don’t chew anything else that is not mine. Things that make me nervous are fireworks, the vet, and loud noises. Did I mention that I am obsessed with SQUIRRELS? If you like to cuddle, I might just be the pup for you!