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STITCH (24-010) is a 52lb-and-growing, 7 month old bundle of love! He gives delicate kisses and  loves pets and lots of attention. He also loves his stuffies and, like a toddler, will take all the toys out of the toy basket and pile them wherever he is. Stitch loves playing with the dogs in his foster home and is learning all about cats there too; he is very gentle but inquisitive, and sometimes his enthusiasm can be overwhelming for them. Stitch is highly social and would do better with doggie sibling(s) to show him the ropes.


He is crated when his humans aren’t home and, anytime they are gone for more than a couple of hours, arrangements are made for a dog-walker. A fenced yard is a must. Stitch has had a few accidents in the house and still needs to go out overnight for a quick potty break, but he is learning and will soon grow out of that. He does get car sick, even on short rides, but he loves when he arrives to whatever adventure awaits. Stitch is still learning leash manners and formal training is recommended to ensure a good start with his new family.