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SUNNY (23-005) is a 9-month old, 60-ish lb beautiful Golden mix. He is currently the size and weight of an adult Golden – but his forever family will have to remember that he is a giant puppy in most every way. He has a mixture of temperaments; he is friendly, very loving, and cuddly, as well as independent, willful, and vocal. He loves to be near his people and other dogs, but will abandon them all to sit in a window and observe the world, while telling you about everything he sees. He walks well on a leash and loves to investigate whatever he sees or smells. He must have a fenced yard as his independent and still very puppy-ish nature means he  may not be overly inclined to come when called. Sunny is housebroken, but as with all older puppies he needs his human family to continue to pay attention and reinforce his training. He is still very passionate about chewing and will need help understanding what is appropriate to chew on (toys, nylabones, sticks, etc)

and what is not (shoes, baskets, human toys, etc). He loves to play with both of his foster brothers, but cats are an unknown. His favorite games are retrieving tennis balls, tugging on ropes and toys, and wrestling with his foster brothers (at every opportunity). He rides well in the car. Sunny is still mouthy like all goldens and needs training, and will need someone patient and persistent with his training to handle his willful nature. Sunny will return all of the love he is given and then some, and loves to cuddle (including some moments of being a giant lap dog). Sunny would love to have a dog-experienced, active family with a large, fenced backyard to romp and play in. He would love to have 4-legged siblings, but would also be okay without them as long as he has plenty of people and dogs to play with on a regular basis and other stimulation daily. Sunny is gentle when approaching little kids, and would likely love to have human kids to play with, but supervision with kids younger than 6 would be prudent while he is still growing.  He is crate trained, and has been crated for several full work days (with a mid-day walk) in his foster home, but he would be happiest with a family that has someone home on a regular basis.