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Available Dogs arrow SUNNY (24-025)

SUNNY (24-025) is a sweet 1 yr old boy with a heart of pure gold. He has a can-do attitude, especially when it comes to chasing tennis balls or cuddling. All-out zoomies in our fenced back yard is a favorite pastime. He loves to be in your lap and has the cutest habit of nuzzling your ears. It took him a few days to settle when he first arrived, and loud or unfamiliar sounds still startle him, so apartment/city living is not for him. He can also be shy around new people so building his confidence and giving him time will be essential to his well-being. Once he trusts you, he loves you with his whole heart. As a young dog, he needs lots and lots of exercise and attention. He loves other dogs so having a similarly sized and energy-level companion in his new home will be a bonus.

Cats would be great fun to chase, perhaps not for the cat, so probably best not to give him the temptation. He also enjoys kids but with his puppy-brain-in-a-big-boy-body, interactions will need to be monitored and guided. He is housebroken but can still get a little bored if left to his own devices, so he is still confined while we’re away from home. He has free run otherwise and sleeps on the bed with us at night. It’s important for him to have several safe chewing options and to make it clear that remote controls and paper are not on that list. Luckily, he trades easily for treats. He is pretty solid on “sit” and “touch” and loves to learn, so an obedience class where open and reliable communication between him and his new family can be established, will be required. He’s a happy boy and will bring a lot of joy and laughter to his new home.