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VIOLET (23-039) is a 4 yr old, sweet, cuddly, affectionate golden. She loves to cozy up to people and “hold hands” with one or both paws. She’ll give kisses, too and should you sit in a place where she can join you, she may snuggle up and fall asleep with her head in your lap. A fenced yard is important because she loves tennis balls and is quite a good retriever, though sometimes she prefers to take her ball and sit with it or roll on it. She will march her ball right up to your feet outside or bring it to you in the house to ask if you’ll play with her. As well as fetch, she also loves to play keep-away so a family willing to play chase with her would be something she would love. She walks well on a leash and enjoys that, too. She has a strong prey drive, so you’ll want to be mindful of everyone’s safety if

there is a cat, squirrel or bird nearby. Violet rides very well in the car but doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Violet is very well behaved in the house. She isn’t too interested in stealing food or getting into things and she is respectful and doesn’t chew things up. Violet is overcoming what may have been a complicated relationship with children so any kids in the family need to be older than 14 and willing to go slowly in building a relationship with her. She also seems to have some uncertainty around other dogs, so she needs to be the only pet where she can soak up all the love and attention. If you are in the market for a loving, snuggly, ball-fetching walking partner, and are willing to help guide her to a place where she can trust you and those around you, we’d love to talk with you about Violet.