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WILLOW (24-032) is a 4 yr old girl with a spring in her step and a soft, beautiful, light blonde coat. Ms Willow never met a stranger. She loves taking walks and meeting as many new friends as possible, especially when they gush over her and tell her how pretty she is. She will sit politely for pets as long as her new friend wants to give them. Willow was cared for the first year of her life but spent the following three in neglect. She came to GRREAT at almost 100 lbs with a matted and dirty coat, having not been to the vet since she was a puppy. It’s amazing how social she is with people despite this. She soaks up attention and would be fabulous as an only dog in a family that has the time to shower her with love. Willow is on a weight-loss journey and needs a family committed to seeing that she reaches her goal.

This is really important because that extra weight puts a lot of pressure on her heart, lungs, and joints. Luckily, this shouldn’t be difficult. She loves to play with her toys, she will fetch, and she loves to go for walks. She can’t go too far yet but she’s improving every day. She also LOVES the garden hose and will rush over to bite at the water. We think she would love swimming too. Willow is housebroken but is curious so we gate her to one room when we leave the house. She’s a quick study so it won’t be long before she’s allowed full run. She needs a fenced yard or to be on leash when outside, and a family that is home a lot. She rides well in the car although sometimes needs a caboose boost to get in. This young lady did without for years. Now she can’t wait to find a family that she can share all her love with and that will love her in return.