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GRREAT's Forever Friends

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Carly.. aka “The Lady”, aka “Ruffles” brought so much energy and joy into our house. She was everyone’s best friend in true Golden Retriever form. She was a champion swimmer, food stealer, biggest lap dog ever, mascot to the MD Nationals, but most importantly, a beloved member of the family. We are going to miss those big licks so much.

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In honor of Cabot, who left this world far too soon. He was a scholar and a gentleman, a love bug and a friend. In his short time here, he brought so much joy to everyone he knew. And he would have wanted ever other Golden to have the opportunity to live the blessed life he did.

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Kenny 18-019

In memory of sweet Kenny who lived to the ripe old age of 14yrs 8mos.

He came into our lives in 2018 as our foster and we knew on day one that we would adopt him. He had the energy of a kind gentle old soul and loved people. He brought comfort and smiles to many, including as a therapy dog. He loved the beach and spent hours napping in the sun. In between naps, he’d lay at the water’s edge letting the waves wash around him.

Kenny, may there be sand and surf, wind in your fur, and endless treats in heaven!

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In honor of our beloved Beau, with whom we fell in love at first sight! He was the very best, best boy and will be forever loved and missed by all of us… xox, Darcy, Kevin and Charlotte

January 14, 2011 – March 3, 2021

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Our grand-dog, Belle, crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few days after her 13th birthday on January 6th……She absolutely was one in a million. We thank GRREAT for their support and love of other Goldens. They truly are the best breed ever.

Marlowe solo
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Marlowe 09-103

We lost our sweet Marlowe earlier this year. It was one of Robert’s and my happiest days when we heard we had been chosen to provide a forever home for this sweet boy, who at 10 months old was still recovering from double ACL surgery. He was in equal parts goofy and sweet, and we were privileged to share our lives with him for 11 wonderful years.          – Lucy Pearson

Marlowe composit

Marlowe (with Eli)                                                         (Click to enlarge)


pj 7
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In loving memory of PJ, who was adopted 13 or 14 years ago by Amanda Witsil when she was a veterinary student. She went on to become a critical care specialist and helped to see PJ thru many health challenges that plague Golden Retrievers later in life.

PJ was almost 16 when he passed away, a testament to the excellent care and lifetime of love that he received.

                                                  – Tina Conway, DVM, MA – Veterinary Referral Associates


P J                                                                               (Click to enlarge)


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Einstein 20-011

20-011 – 12/5/2021.   We hoped you’d be with us in your last forever home for a lot longer, but we’re grateful for all the time we spent with you — the longest, tallest Golden Boy we’ve ever known! We miss your deep voice, your quirks, your sweet companionship and, yes, even your fur all over the place! Love you, Einstein Benignstein.

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Simba and Brady Tela

Honoring and remembering Simba and Brady Tela.

mix84 leo
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In loving memory of Ann Heisenfelt and Alex Brandon’s beloved Leo.
We said goodbye to our special Leo on June 7, 2021. In his 13 years and 7 months, he brought much love, joy and happiness to so many. He was our “Ambassador of Good Will”. He is missed by Ann and Alex, Molly and Carl Eller and so many more friends.