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If your son or daughter is under the age of 18 and would like to make a donation to help rescued Golden Retrievers find their way to their Forever Homes, we welcome him/her to join the Young Donors Club.  The Club was established to honor Dr. Henry Balch and to allow young donors to be recognized for their special contributions to GRREAT.

Dr. Balch was a respected surgeon and medical school professor who loved Golden Retrievers.  He was a supporter of Golden Retriever rescue and a financial contributor to GRREAT.  Upon his passing, Dr. Balch left a magnanimous bequest to GRREAT, which has helped to ensure that many rescued Golden Retrievers will continue to receive the care they need before going to their Forever Homes.

In the summer of 2009, GRREAT received donations from two youngsters whose desire to help rescued Goldens was inspirational in forming the Young Donors Club.

If your child would like to become a member of the Young Donors Club, please send a picture of your young donor with his/her pet (it doesn’t have to be a Golden, or even a dog) to  The picture should be sent as an attachment to the email.  And please tell us how your son or daughter collected the money that he/she is contributing and why he/she wants to make a donation to Golden Retriever rescue.  We will post your child’s picture and first name only in the list of members below, with your permission of course.  In recognition of your child’s special contribution to GRREAT, we will send you a certificate of enrollment in the Young Donors Club.  The certificate will be personalized to include the picture of your young donor.

After you’ve emailed us at, please visit our donation page to enroll your child in the club.  Be sure to check the box marked “Young Donors Club.”  You may specify that your child’s donation is to go to a specific fund, or the general fund.  To make the donation now, and enroll your child in the Young Donors Club, please click here.